Uncle Buddy’s Chili Recipe

Uncle Buddy’s Chili Recipe

2 lbs. lean ground chuck

1 package  McCormick’s Original Chili Mix

1 Package McCormick’s Tex – Mex Chili Mix

1 Large Onion Diced – Vidalia, if possible

1 24 0z can petite diced tomatoes

2 cans light red kidney beans

1 24 oz. can water


Brown and drain Ground Chuck and place into at least an 8 qt. pot

Pour water, beans, tomatoes, onion, (Oh well, you get the picture)

After pouring everything into pot, boil at good boil for about 10 minutes

stirring well, then reduce heat to simmer for at least an hour.

You must keep it stirred well!


Pressure Cooker:

To cook in pressure cooker; same as above, except place all ingredients into Pressure Cooker, lock down lid; set time for 20 minutes, then after time is expired, release pressure using whatever method you desire, careful, that steam is very hot.


I make my Chili soupy on purpose because I like to add crackers, usually fresh cornbread, and turn it into slap yo mama chili!

I realize that this chili comes from a prepared mix, but if you use BOTH packages of the Original and the Tex – Mex mixes,

you will agree that there is no need to do all that measuring and fussing over recipes some cooks do.

I have actually had several people call and ask me to make them some of my Chili, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

By the way, to make Firehouse Chili, add an extra package of Tex -Mex mix.

It will be all you need.

Thanks everyone,

Buddy Simmons